Our Story

Douglas Johns Studio is a food and beverage photography studio based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, the other west coast.  Kathy and Doug Johns have been working as a producer/photographer team for over (ouch) thirty years. “Each of us brings something a little different to every shoot, and it always makes for an exciting collaboration”.


D & K  enjoy creating their natural style of food and beverage photography for regional, national and international clients. They share their studio with Truman, the always faithful, and usually sleeping golden retriever.


Truman in bed3917.jpg

“We try shoot food beautifully, and we're not ashamed to say that. One of the main reasons we work with food is to enjoy it's natural perfection, not just in shape, color and texture, but also in the fundamental role that food plays in our cultures and lives. It's gratifying to work with a subject that is so common to us all and that has special meaning to each of us.

That’s not to say we have to have it perfect, far from it, but there is a certain level that we are working toward that is more than simply placing the food down a surface and snapping away. Our goal is to help the food find it’s own way in the photograph and then get the capture without interfering too much - well, that’s the goal, anyway”.

"We work with fantastic clients, great food stylists in a huge studio with a complete kitchen and a warehouse full of props - all in a town that’s coming into it’s own - it’s a pretty exciting time.”